Why the name Healthy Roots?

We believe a healthy body starts from the inside out. We want to get to the root of the problem, instead of just addressing symptoms. We believe wellness is a “big picture” thing. Healthy Roots is a community where we encourage each other to take a deeper look into our health, our diets and lifestyles, to achieve the best results. We are so thankful that Young Living’s essential oils, supplements, and products, provide toxin-free options for our bodies and our homes!

Valerie Clark
Courtney Smeltzer
Cindi Clark
Ashley Holden
Jen Wieland
Rona Weiss
Luella Drake
Rachael Reuille
Stephanie Rex
Julie VonGunten
Jenny Travis
Andrea Place
Mary Cayot
Jennifer Marrōn
Rita Gamble
Whitney Davies
Bridgette Boswell
Jordan Bryson
Jessica Gensic
Rhonda Wendler
Beth Strange
Bre Haglund
Kristy Rice
Anna Moore
Abby Warmington
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