Julie VonGunten

I’m Julie, mother of 4, grandmother to 13. Steve and I have been married for 39 years. This troop keeps my heart full and my days busy! I love to prepare and serve clean, healthy meals and teach and support others to do the same. I’m passionate about spiritual and physical well-being and to help love and serve others. Breast cancer took me by surprise and led me on a new health journey. In my healing process I sought a chemical-free home and lifestyle and this is when my daughter introduced me to Young Living Essential OIls. I was cautious about using them at first, but very quickly discovered the great gift they would become! Treatment was successful but unfortunately, I was run down, tired, and losing hope I’d ever feel like my old self again. God directed my path and essential oils played a huge part in giving me back my vitality and zest for life! After experiencing the benefits of Raindrop Technique I wanted to share this with everyone! I became a Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist (CRTS) and am blessed to now journey with others as they seek their own health and wellness through the benefits of oils. Visit my Raindrop webpage at raindropwellness.com.

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